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Use the secret techniques Carol Bentley reveals to multiply your sales rapidly by 30%, to 600% or more, without spending a penny more on your marketing

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release date 21/12/12

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Announcing: New & Improved Edition Reveals How To Boost Response to Your Sales Messages

“Discover More of These Simple, Yet Powerful, Marketing Secrets that Easily Boost Your Sales Without Spending A Fortune...

Dear Business Results Seeker

"One Company increased their orders from 164 to 427 using these copywriting secrets in a single mailing"

Wouldn't it be a wonderful feeling to send a sales letter out knowing it will result in over £24,101 worth of business? That’s what the increase of 263 orders described above brought in...

Client Testimonial - David d'Orton-Gibson

"Not only did we get an increase in the number of places booked from existing clients, we also got 29 new companies attending our courses. The follow-on sales are where the bulk of our business comes from - so this is an impressive result for us."

David d'Orton-Gibson,
Training for Professionals

Or would you prefer to gain more than an incredible £99,000 in new business – from just one letter? As happened for Anthony van Dort, Managing Director of Liberty Leisure:

Book Review - Anthony van Dort

“Having used direct response marketing techniques since the year 2000, the 'masterful' methodology described in this book has gone on to enhance sales by a further £99,500 from just one five page letter mailed to 3218 prospects.

It goes on to prove that long letters do sell providing they are interesting and provide a compelling offer!”

Anthony van Dort
Managing Director of Liberty Leisure

Now YOU Too Can Discover The Little Known and
Rarely Used Methods That Can Boost
Your Sales Exponentially – Just Follow
This Expert Advice…

You can discover how to do this for yourself – simply and easily. See for yourself why these techniques create an impressive growth in your business results. Very few people even understand, let alone actually use them.

You CAN write letters that increase response by 20%, 40%, 100%, 200% or even 600% or more! That means tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands more customers clamouring for your product or service.

Better yet, you can trounce your competition because they’ll still be using the same 'old style techniques' that bring very little - if any - enquiries or sales.

It’s all revealed in this book: “I Want to Buy Your Product… Have You Sent Me A Sales Message Yet”

Book Review - Chris Clarke

"I purchased a Microsoft Book (on Amazon) and included Carol's book because it looked as though other people had found it useful and it could just be the thing to help me produce a good brochure for an assignment I am working on.

When the book was delivered I couldn't resist a quick look inside and it just drew me in - it is so easy to read and understand."

Chris Clarke

I’ll bet, like the majority of business people I talk to, you would love to increase the take up you get from your prospects by, for instance 262%, as the company quoted above did. But, the reality is, often businesses get less than ½% response in total, which is both frustrating and costly.

The Single, Most Effective Action You Can
Take to Get Real Sales Increases….

Targeting your prospect brings astounding results. After all, there’s no point in writing to someone if he or she is not interested in what you have to offer, is there?

And yet that is what many business people do - every day.

Now I’m sure that you have a good product or service. And you know that the people you are making your offer to would gain real benefit if they bought from you - but how do you get them to appreciate that?

If you send your best sales person in
to talk to your prospect
It’s easy – isn’t it?

He/she explains and demonstrates the effectiveness of your product or service and convinces your prospect that turning your offer down would be the worst thing he could possibly do!

The fact is, even if you got every prospect you ever came across to agree to meet, you probably couldn't find the time you’d need to make a personal visit to each and every one of them.

That’s why your sales letter is so amazing because each and every one of your letters is your hard-working salesperson. Working 24/7. Sending 1000 compelling letters is like sending out 1000 high-flying salespeople – without the inherent costs! And your letter, will never falter or change your presentation, it’ll always perform to its highest level.

What’s more, writing your letter so that people are excited about your product or service and can’t wait to take up your offer – creating high responses and exciting results - is perfectly feasible. I'll explain how in a moment…

You Too Can Create
Tangible Results Like These….

I know you're thinking, "I've tried writing to prospects, it just doesn't work for me."
You know, other business owners have thought that and said the same thing to me. And then been astonished by the sudden boost in orders they've had when a few small, but significant, changes were made to their sales letters.

It's these 'tricks of the trade' and the wealth of knowledge and experience that an expert brings to bear on a high-performing sales letter. This knowledge results in considerable increases in business results and wealth.

Now You Can Discover These
Little Known, Insider Secrets…

These secret techniques can be used on adverts, websites, brochures and newsletters, as well as sales letters, to gain stunning results

Create dramatic sales improvements by adopting the powerful ‘direct-response’ methods revealed in this book. They really do “steal customers from your competitors – and best of all they do it ethically!

This book describes in straight forward, easy to understand language EXACTLY HOW to persuade people, ethically, to buy from you. It explains how you can make sure your letters, adverts, web pages, brochures, newsletters - actually any marketing in print - ‘brings home stunning results for you’. Without any doubt. Click here to order your copy

The book; ‘I Want to Buy Your Product… Have You Sent Me a Letter Yet?’ contains 23 chapters of little known, but proven, secrets of how to create powerful sales letters that compel your prospects to respond. Discover how to turn your letter into that 'high-powered salesperson'. As I’ve already said, it’ll work constantly for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Adopt any, and preferably all, of these techniques in your writing and reap the hidden wealth of business that is waiting for you out there and which you fully deserve.

Here is your chance to boost your sales significantly; you can accumulate increased sales and gain a substantial growth of new customers by sending out your responsive letter time and time again, whenever you want to. It will continue to work effectively for you for many years.

Have no doubt, the secrets these pages hold for you are indispensable - they give you the exact insider knowledge you need to develop your own compelling letters to garner the fantastic results so many other businesses are already enjoying.

Book Review - Sadhiv Mahandru

“I was getting 29 clicks per day. Then I changed my ad (on Google). This is getting close to 100 clicks per day! More than triple the number of people to my site! Just did what you said - provided a headline that would interrupt a person from their day and tried to hit their emotions – and the results are just amazing!”

Sadhiv Mahandru,

In a moment I'll tell you how you can get your own copy of this exceptional guide. A book giving you the professional advice you crave when writing your sales letters. More importantly, it does so in straightforward and easy to follow steps:

Book Review - Ann Cliff

“This is probably one of only 5 or 6 books I’ve ever seen in the world that explains vividly how to increase the response that your advertising, your sales letters, your newsletters, your website, your email communications, and your brochures result in by, what is seeming to be a minimum of around 20% to 25%, sometimes 200%, 400%, 500% , even 600% and often more.”

Ann Cliff, Business Editor
Sarceaux Publications, London

But first, let me tell you how what you'll find inside its priceless pages is going to accelerate your business results: (If you can’t wait – Click here to order your copy immediately)

    • You’ll understand how important it is to know who your prospects are; be selective about who you write to or where you advertise to harvest the highest results possible for your marketing message.

      A Management Letting Agent followed this advice. He had a very targeted and focused list of prospective landlords. It was targeted because these people were purchasing apartments at a very luxurious development. He wrote offering his management services. The result? An incredible 44.2% response. This would never have happened if his list hadn’t been so specific. The full letter is printed on pages 67-70 in the book

      The 262% increase example I gave you at the beginning of this letter was for a mailing that went out to a targeted list of prospects, which meant that the letter was highly relevant to ALL the people who received it. (Read more about targeting in Chapter 4; Careful Targeting - Creates Awesome Results).
    • The significant improvements you gain will be amazing, just follow the simple, but effective advice revealed in its pages. Changes in what you write and how you describe your offer to your prospects has an incredible impact on your results. Simple things like guiding your prospect through the steps you want him or her to take, like picking up the phone or sending an email or popping his or her details onto the request form and posting it. (Covered in Chapter 9; Make Your Offer Compelling).

      "If You Don't Give A Very Clear Call To Action Then Very Little Action Will Be Taken And Your Sales Will Be Minimal Or Even Non-Existent"

    • Make your letter and offer compelling. Your reader only wants to know what result he can expect and enjoy when he buys from you - he does not care about you or your business - only what you can do for him. What problem will you solve? How will you make life easier or more pleasurable for him? (See Chapter 7; Breaking The Long versus Short Myth).
    • Find out how to get QUALIFIED PROSPECTS for your database so that you can create an on-going relationship that will culminate in their placing business with you.

      Although there are 'mailing lists' that you can buy they are rarely qualified to your specific requirements. If you haven't got your own contact database you will discover how you can use the mailing list and get people to 'self-qualify' so that you can follow up with an exciting and relevant offer. (Also covered in Chapter 4; Careful Targeting - Creates Awesome Results).
    • Discover how having the right headline or opening sentence can impact on and increase your results by as much as 83% or more; use this book to make sure that you get the additional 83% more, that you richly deserve.

      If you don't have the right opening to your letter it will never be read and it won't matter how good your offer is, because your prospect will never know.
    • Amazingly using certain words in your headlines can boost the number of people who will take up your offer.

      There are proven words that will grab your reader's attention and entice him or her to read your letter, you’ll discover 79 of these in Chapter 8 of the book; How To Create A Captivating Headline).

      Using some of these words has, in some cases, boosted response by over 1200% - I know that seems incredible. But it does happen, time and time again.

      Isn't It Worth Taking Up This Offer
      Just To Find Out How Easily You
      Can Boost Your Sales?

      Click here to order your copy now..

    Let me give you some more insights to this marketing methodology:

    • Tell the full story - when you capture someone's attention and get him to imagine the benefits he will receive from your services or products he will want to know everything about it. Don't skimp on the detail.

      Giving your reader all the 'gen' means that he will make an 'informed' decision and, when he does, he will be more inclined to buy from YOU, the person who was generous enough to give all that background without turning it into a full 'sales pitch'.
    • Admit limitations. It makes your sales message more believable. Many sales people, and letters, skirt around the less attractive aspects of their product or service.

      Of course, if you avoid disclosing any limitations, your offer can sound as if it is "too good to be true", even though what you are describing is genuine and your promises can be fulfilled.

      When you let your reader into the 'trade secret' of some small thing that your product or service cannot do; when you are honest about any limitations that it may have, or areas in which it should not be used, he will feel more comfortable about trusting what you are saying. And he will be more inclined to accept your assurances about your offer.

    • Use anecdotes about other satisfied and happy customers or clients. It brings your proposal alive for people. Quoted testimonials are immensely powerful. After all - if you are looking for a nice restaurant would you choose one from the Yellow Pages or one that is recommended by a trusted friend or family member?

      Being able to tell your prospects about your delighted clients, and being able to quote them, is a strong marketing tool for your business. And there is a way that you can do this so that it is truly believable - find out how in Chapters 6 and 7 of this powerful book.

    • You’ll realise why sending a letter out without a P.S. is almost criminal.
      You are stealing from yourself when you leave off the P.S. Why? Because your strong, benefit laden, 'PS' can increase your readership by up to 67%.

      Research has shown that the P.S. is the second part of a letter that is read - when it clearly shows the result your reader can expect from your offer it will encourage him or her to read the rest of the letter.

    • Three easy to follow check lists…

      • 27 Questions to Make Writing as Easy as Falling off a Log
      • 20 Tips to Make Your Sales Letter Compelling
      • 31 Points to Make Your Order Form Easy to Use - Not a Barrier to Buying

      …help you to gather everything you need to create your perfect sales letter, hone it into the highest performing 'sales-person' you can send out to your prospects and develop the most responsive order form you can possibly create; whenever you want more orders. (All placed conveniently together in Chapter 23 – you can copy and use these, as often as you wish).

      The 27 questions in the first checklist identifies your offer and everything you need to gather together to make it ‘come alive.’ Then use the 20 questions checklist as you review your sales letter to be certain you have created the most riveting read for your recipient – he just won’t be able to put your letter down - except to find the order form so he can get his hands on whatever you are offering.

      An ill-designed response form can kill the sale. Create your form to encourage your prospective purchaser - use the 31 point checklist described in Chapter 11 to get it right.

    Business owners have already used these techniques to create thousands of pounds of additional sales

    Check the Contents for Yourself…

    This is the list of contents taken directly from the book. As you discover each new technique, you will find a workshop that will guide you through applying it to your own business. By the end of the book you will have your own superior letter and responsive order form – ready to go. Just look at what you’ll discover….

    See all the treasure this book contains - Download full table of contents (PDF)

    Chapter 1- Is Writing to Your Prospects Worthwhile?

    Chapter 2- Who are You Writing to and Why?

    Chapter 3- How Do You Value Your Customer?

    Chapter 4- Careful Targeting - Creates Awesome Results

    Chapter 5- Charismatic Letters Generate Profits

    Chapter 6- 8 Tips to Create High Performance Sales Letters…

    Chapter 7- Breaking The Short Versus Long Myth

    Chapter 8- How To Create Captivating Headlines

    Chapter 9- Make Your Offer Compelling

    Chapter 10- Outline of a Successful Letter

    Chapter 11- Design a Responsive Order Form

    Chapter 12- Your Mailout Package

    Chapter 13- How to Be Confident of Your Results

    Chapter 14- Advertise to Create Business Wealth

    Chapter 15- Lead Generation Landing Pages

    Chapter 16- Email Marketing Insights (by Samuel Adams)

    Chapter 17- Start Sales Writing for Social Media (by Andrew Knowles)

    Chapter 18- Profiting From PR (by Darren Northeast & Justin Cohen

    Chapter 19- Newsletters Enhance Your Company Image

    Chapter 20- How To Gain A Marketing Edge

    Chapter 21- Crafting Brochures and Catalogues

    Chapter 22- Preparing to Write

    Chapter 23- Your Practical Checklists - Copy and Use:

    • Checklist: 27 Questions to Prepare You for Writing
    • Checklist: 20 Tips to Check Your Sales Letter Against
    • Checklist: 31 Points for Your Order Form Design

    Other Useful Resources

    This is what other people have said about my books and the techniques I share…

    Edition 1: Book Review - Brian James

    “I know Carol’s writing methods work because I have tried several and they have had a dramatic impact on improved response rates. One letter produced a 19% response within 48 hours. Carol’s book may change your life.

    Brian James
    The Brian James Group

    Edition 1: Book Review - Janet Browne

    “It is so clear and methodical. I’ve learnt the theory (of copywriting) from others, but now your book puts it into a logical and ‘followable’ order, with lots of practical added tips and details. I shall be referring to it often. With the easily identifiable sections, practical examples and step-by-step workshops to guide the reader through each phase, it is a very useful desktop handbook to ‘perfect’ my marketing letters.”

    Janet Browne,
    Managing Director
    BLH High-Care

    Edition 1: Book Review - Paul Gorman

    "I have quickly grown to admire Carol's skill as a business copywriter. She is ONE copywriter I would be happy to suggest many, many business owners and professionals employ to write advertising, sales letter, brochure and web site copy for their products, services or treatments.”

    Paul Gorman
    £3,000/hour Business Strategist

    Client Testimonial - Martin Moore

    “It has been invaluable to have an expert writing targeted marketing material that has achieved such fantastic results – 44.2% response to a small mailing is amazing”

    Martin Moore,
    Martin & Co, Poole

    Edition 1: Book Review - Steve Bower

    “Your advice is much more broadly applicable than just letters, and the workshops/ 'take-aways' are REALLY good.”

    Steve Bower
    Seven Communications Ltd

    Edition 1: Book Review - Edward Rivis

    “When I read the incredible insights in Carol's book ... I was, to be honest, quite shocked by what I learnt. My letters were actually NOT based on the correct principles of explaining the Benefits of the Services I provide my clients.

    I wasn't a long way off - but Carol's book really uncovered what I should be saying. I am now rewriting all of my existing materials.... and I know the increased response will make that exercise worthwhile.”

    Edward Rivis
    Managing Director
    Sumatrix Ltd

    Edition 1: Book Review - Deonne Connelly

    “A refreshing read that remains engaging to the last page. I was impressed with the multitude of examples and the regular use of questions and targets throughout, all gearing you to remain focused. Altogether a highly informative book aimed at all learning styles and all levels of sales marketing whether you’re a novice starting out on your first mail shot or you just need some tips on refining your style.”

    Deonne Connelly
    BLH High-Care

    Edition 1: Book Review - Azi Azhakesan

    “At first I thought your book would be a daunting read but I was wrong! I found your book to be very informative and shows me that I CAN and SHOULD write my own copy for my business.

    Your style of writing is easy going, informative and uncomplicated which gives me more confidence as I have the understanding to write my own copy now, perhaps a copywriting course as a next step?”

    Azi Azhakesan
    Halcyon Days

    Edition 1: Book Review - Pam Graham

    Carol Bentley’s book is what I call ‘delve-able’. It’s individuality allows you to delve into a Chapter to seek inspiration or just check something out.

    Pam Graham
    Everlasting Books

    Edition 1: Book Review - Anthony van Dort

    “…long letters do sell providing they are interesting and provide a compelling offer - all covered in page 65, chapter 9. I would recommend this book all day long. It is fun, interesting and EXTREMELY profitable!”

    Anthony van Dort
    Managing Director
    Liberty Leisure

    "OK, OK - I can see there's some really
    powerful and important advice
    in your books" I can hear you saying,
    "now, How do I get hold of a copy
    and what does it cost?"

    With so much valuable information and such important techniques that could explode your business into its highest ever turnover, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is going to cost you a small fortune.

    It’s worth a small fortune – if you got £24,000 worth of business or, better still, £99,500 in more business by using these techniques in a single letter or advert, wouldn’t you be deliriously happy to invest £700 or £800? I bet you would. There’s nowhere in the world you could get such a massive a return like this on an investment!

    But I haven’t written this book to make a fortune – I use the techniques it contains to do that! This book is yours for an incredibly low £19 with FREE P&P to UK addresses.

    It really is just a click of your mouse away. The order link below will take you to a 128-bit encrypted secure PayPal payment site, where you can use your debit or credit card without opening a PayPal account. Simply click the 'Buy Now' button to order your book.
    Delivery Location

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    This secret knowledge can be used on adverts, websites, brochures and newsletters, as well as sales letters, to gain 2,3 or even 400% more response


    But wait, I have an even better offer for you...

    Want it Instantly?

    There’s nothing worse than waiting for a book to arrive when you are eager to get your hands on its juicy and exciting contents, is there? Especially when you know the techniques it reveals will have such a massive impact on your sales results.

    So here’s what I’ve decided to do...

    order your copy of the book now and as a special bonus, as soon as your payment is processed, I will send you a download link, via email, to an electronic (PDF) version of the complete book so you can start using these powerful techniques without waiting for the published book to arrive!

    When the book arrives you’ll be able to read it away from your computer screen, and highlight important gems. And you’ll still have the electronic version to search through whenever you want to check something when you are at your computer. It will be like having me and my guest authors sitting at your side advising you as you craft your own high-performing sales message.

    Delivery Location

    The techniques I describe in my book have been proven, time and time again, to gain a distinct advantage for anyone who uses them.

    In 1905 the copywriter, John E Kennedy told Albert I Thomas

    “Advertising is ‘Salesmanship in Print”

    And that applies to any sort of ‘advertising’ in print, whether it is adverts in newspapers and magazines or the sales letter you send out.

    It doesn't matter what service or product you are selling, you reap fantastic rewards when you apply this successful methodology to YOUR sales letters.

    You need to act quickly – the longer you delay the more business you are squandering away, business your competition is scooping up instead of you. I strongly advise you to act swiftly, order your copy and get your electronic version NOW.

    How To Reserve Your Copy…

    Reserving your copy really is just a click of your mouse away. The order link below takes you to a 128-bit encrypted secure PayPal payment site, where you can use your debit or credit card without opening a PayPal account. Once your payment is made you receive an email confirmation of your request and you are taken to the download page for your electronic version.

    These exciting secrets, that explode open your market, are in front of your eyes in a matter of moments.

    Once you have downloaded the file you can open and read it using Adobe Reader (you can get a free copy of Adobe Reader – just click here ). And your paperback copy of the book will be sent asap. Just keep an eye out for it in your post.

    Yes! I do want to learn the secrets of creating compelling sales letters. Reserve my copy of I Want To Buy Your Product... Have You Sent Me A Sales Message Yet? I understand I also get the PDF version NOW as a FREE bonus.

    Yours for just £19.00

    Free p&p to UK
    to European countries £5.00
    Outside Europe £7.00

    Delivery Location

    Carol Bentley

    Carol Bentley

    P.S. Hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands MORE customers want to buy what you sell. NOW. Here’s how to attract them, compel them and ethically get them to buy from you instead of your competitors.

    Make sure you receive your copy of this easy to use book, ‘I Want to Buy Your Product… Have You Sent Me A Sales Message Yet? revealing the most critical secrets for getting these real, measurable results. Please act quickly. Any delay could mean lost sales for you.

    Click the button below to get your book and start generating more business than before.
    Delivery Location

    P.S. Reserve your copy now and receive your free download of the electronic version of the book – you don’t have to wait. You can start using these techniques today.


Grab Your Mini-Tutorial. 5-email Lessons you can use to generate results immediately

"Carol has distilled the real essence of the copywriting greats in this easy-to-read book giving you an instantly useable system for writing compelling, results-generating sales letters and adverts.

A great primer for the inexperienced sales letter writer and a useful reference for any business owner."

Jonathan Jay -
"Outstanding! It shows you an easy way to transform mediocre letters to explosive letters - the kind that get noticed, get read, get sales!"

Dr. Joe Vitale,
author of way too many books to list here, including
"The Attractor Factor"
"Carol Bentley's tips for writing effective letters has helped me to focus far more on the customer and their needs.

I pro-actively approached a customer, who initially wasn't in a position to take up our offer, however after presenting him with further benefits and presenting them in a well worded email, using Carol's techniques, the next offer was accepted.

This was only after receiving Carol's free email tips on effective letter writing for four days - as you can imagine I didn't need further convincing to buy her book!
Stephen J. Burt Director - Ask4Art Ltd.

"Carol is my 'go-to' copywriting guru. I write all my own material and always ask Carol to give it a once-over before it goes live.  Her expert eye is invaluable to me."

Kevin Martyn 
" Carol has obviously studied copywriting with great intensity, utter dedication and with total passion.

To be as good as she is - she must have learned from all the experts, read all the books, gone to the best seminars, and listened to the tapes - everything.
So have I... and thanks to all the "gurus" I have become a top notch copywriter - and thankfully making lots of money.

But here's the thing - I have spent 20 years and close on to £35,000 to learn the skills - and virtually ALL of them are in Carol's book which you can buy for under 15 quid.

If only Carol had written her book years ago... not only would I have found fame and fortune.. .I would have saved £34,985.03!

So not only can YOU become a world class copywriter... you can do it with a few hours of study... and for a pittance.

If ever you needed the luckiest break you'll ever find... you've found it... BUY her book!
Steve King,
Copywriter, Devon
"Thank you so much for your help. I am really pleased and impressed with what you have done for me.  And for the education"

Ivan Rose,
Whitewoods Ltd
"Thanks again for the advice.  I never dreamed that I'd journey so far on the back of one book!   They say that excellence = expectation + 1.  I think you've already delivered
expectation + 101"

David Bowen
"Well having purchased your book at the event, we swiftly put some of your ideas into practice.

Our previous mailing letter went in the bin, and a refreshed version was generated. It is fair to say that the response level we now get has vastly increased. Not only in terms of immediate response, but also from those who have obviously retained our information and called some months later.

We look back at our previous attempt and cringe."

Andy Littlecott
Buckfield Environmental,
Buckfield Group
"Carol Bentley takes the 'black art' of direct response copy-writing and actually explains what's going on - not just what to do to get it right, but why these strategies work and what's going on inside the recipient's head as they read your letter.

Even if you think you've read all there is to read about copy-writing, Carol's book is sure to provide you with fresh perspectives on your old learning."

Gill Pritchard
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