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Dear Business Results Seeker,

You know how crucial the words in your sales letter, advert or on your web page are to your business success. And you've decided to get expert help - a copywriter - rather than chance sending out a mediocre letter that could do more damage than good.

But it must be a 'good copywriter '...

It's one time when the old adage 'you get what you pay for' is really apt because a great number of copywriters have yet to master the difficult skills and techniques of direct response copywriting.

Those that have - and get impressive results - charge a premium for their services and expertise.


There Is Only A Small Elite Group In The UK
Who Have The Skill To Write These Compellingly
Persuasive Direct Response Sales Letters

But that's the level of expertise you need to get a measurable response to your marketing message. And in a moment I'll tell you how you can tap-into-that pool of expertise even if you're on a tight budget.

First, let me explain why this is such a rare copywriting talent...

...this is a skill that comes from specialist training, practical experience and in-depth knowledge; the expertise only someone who has crafted direct response sales letters or adverts and delivered results can bring to your letters.

Which means your challenge is to find the one person who...

Ideally you need someone who has a wealth of experience in different business disciplines and who is able to interpret that experience into an effective writing approach for you and your business.

Response Boosted By Another 203.9%!

"We got a 262% increase in response to our first mailing resulting in 30 new companies attending our courses. This was an impressive result for us. Since then we've enjoyed a further boost of 203.9% and added another 111 new customers to our database!"
David d'Orton-Gibson
Managing Director, TFP Online Ltd

How to Select Your Ideal Copywriter - 9 Points to Consider

Check the person you choose to write your sales-generating letter is the professional you want and can deliver the material you need - this is the minimum you should consider...

Why Choose Carol Bentley?

So - do I match these criteria? You expect me to nod my head, don't you? And yes, I am nodding.
But allow me to elaborate further... just to reassure you of my credentials. After many years studying and as a result of years of practical writing experience in many business areas - specialising specifically in B2B direct response copywriting since the 90s I...

This wealth of wisdom and knowledge delivers greater depth to the writing I produce for clients, people like you.

"Who Wouldn't Be Happy With 32.45% Response?"

"Thanks for all the useful insight /advice. I do appreciate it. I was extremely happy with the response to both mailings.

The response to the first was brilliant. Who wouldn't be very happy with 32.45%!!

The 2nd mailing was very 'scattered' I knew that and didn't expect more than we have got so far.

Bear in mind the response to the 2nd mailing in particular is not finished and I estimate we will end up with nearer 7% response. That's great." [Note: final result was 6.7% and the trip sold-out].

Norman Bradshaw
GB Tours,

The only real question to ask yourself is this:

Wouldn't you rather have someone who has 'been there; done that; got the T-shirt' and, even better, has the proven ability to put that valuable experience and knowledge into play for you?

It's a no-brainer, isn't it? 

My Approach To Copywriting...

So how does this work? If this is your first experience of engaging a professional copywriter then you'd like to know how it goes, wouldn't you? Here's the 12-step sequence I follow when writing your mailing campaign.

As you can see, this all takes an inordinate amount of time and expertise to complete - it is a job that requires considerable care because your livelihood could depend upon the success - or failure - of that letter.  

For me that is the joy of working with business people like you, I enjoy the success you get when you use my copywriting skills. But one thing to bear in mind, whilst I frequently get great results for my clients (as mentioned previously) there are other things you need to take into account - and the most important is how well targeted your database is. If you send a sales message to someone who is not interested in what you are offering it doesn't matter how good the letter is - you won't get a sale.

That's why I take time to find out about your business, your target market, who you are writing to and the offer you are making before I'll take on your project. It's the only way to be confident you'll get results.

Here are the copywriting options I offer that can help you...

A Delectable Buffet of Profit-Generating
Copywriting Services

Now - I've described my top-of-the range private client service, Premier Profit Letter, above - but as I said not every business is ready for that level just yet.

Which is why I decided to create a menu... a delectable buffet of copywriting options for you to choose from. Some of the alternatives to the Premier Profit Letter require a less intensive commitment from me and offer you a quicker solution.  And here they are:

Premier Profit Letter

This is the top-of-the-range service described above for a 4-page sales letter and response form. Longer letters or projects requiring extensive research attract a higher fee. You are given a quoted project price before I accept your commission. This option does not include any graphical design work, but I do provide a mailmerge ready Word document for you to use in your mailing campaign.

Optimised Web Landing Page Package

Copy for a single sales page - equivalent to a maximum 4 A4 printed pages of formatted text) along with order / response acknowledgement page text and download page text (for digitally delivered products). 

The web page is optimised using the keywords you supply. This means the keywords are placed strategically within the copy to encourage search engines to show your webpage when that search term is used.

Copy is supplied in text format ready for your web designer to put into your webpage.  I also liaise with your web designer offering suggestions, based on my experience, for text layout and formatting.

Lead Generating Web Landing Page Package

This is similar to the Optimised Web Landing Page except that no account is taken of keywords. If you are driving visitors to your web landing page through offline advertising, online advertising, offline mailing campaigns and e-marketing then the search engine positioning is less important and this is the better option for you.

Rewrite Existing Sales Letter

If you have an existing sales letter you have written and used and it is generating a lower response than you hoped for, you can have it rewritten.  

I apply my scientific direct response copywriting formula to your existing text; revitalise your headline and hone your content into an action-compelling missive your reader can't resist.

I also craft another 5 eye-drawing headlines for you to test with your letter; often just changing the headline can catapult your letter from a mediocre, poor performance into a high-octane, sales boosting letter.

"I Have Been Ripped Off!"

What I Was Looking For...

"I had 2 sales letters that needed re-writing. Carol looked at both letters, and my website. She asked lots of questions. She pointed out errors that I could not see which could have been detrimental to my sales.

Not Just A Copywriter...

I specifically liked the genuine dedication to help my business. Carol is not just a copywriter, she is also a mentor. Her advice and suggestions are extremely valuable to my business.

Especially Because...

I have been ripped off by other copywriters who claimed to be skilled in direct response copy. It turned out that they just re-arranged the paragraphs in my original copy and corrected my grammar!

Nothing is too much trouble for Carol. She was always professional and friendly.

She put her heart into the sales letter. You can feel the passion in her writing. Her sales letter is gripping and compelling.  I wanted to buy my own product after reading it!


I am overwhelmed by the service from Carol & Kelly. They have been more than generous to me. Every business would flourish if they had their mindset!

Would I recommend Carol? Absolutely! I would recommend anyone who is struggling with their copy to contact Carol. She will save you bags of time, blood, sweat & tears!"

Elizabeth Rosa
Director, Master Keys To Success Ltd

Quickie Letter/Web Page (2 Formatted Pages)

If you really HATE the thought of writing your own sales letter, perhaps it is like 'pulling teeth' as far as you're concerned, but you just want a short letter to test, this is a good option to go for.

You get a shorter sales letter, based on the research material you supply and your completed questionnaire, crafted to my scientific copywriting formula.

Obviously I spend less time researching at this level... and I write fewer headlines before selecting one for your letter. But I do let you have at least another 5 for testing.

You also get a copy of my Response Form Checklist (match these 31 questions in your form design). This is the exact same checklist I use to create the response-pulling order / enquiry forms for my private clients. Plus I supply sample response forms you can refer to as a guide. Use the samples and checklist as a guide to developing your hugely responsive offline order / enquiry form to go with your letter.

Bentley Sales Letter Makeover

If you already know about direct response copywriting; you've studied the 'how-to' books, maybe attended a seminar and have written sales letters but lack the magic magnetic sales attracting touch, then this could be the ideal solution for you.

You send your sales letter (or advert) to me for a review. I cast my professional eye over your text and record a critique telling you how to electrify your headline... sharpen your copy... and I give you insider tips on how to turn your letter or advert into an irresistible sales magnet.

What's more I explain specifically why these techniques work. Effectively you get personal coaching and mentoring to help you develop your copywriting skill.

After revising your letter (or advert), following my expert advice, you can resubmit it for another review. Again I record my guidance. 
The 2nd review can happen before you put your letter or advert out to test or between test mailings, where you want to tweak the copy for better results.

"A Vast Improvement!"

"Carol immediately put me at ease with producing a sales letter, something I don't find easy, providing a questionnaire and hints and tips that make you consider what you are about to write.

Always helpful and considerate, but at the same time honest and not frightened to speak the truth, Carol's review came quickly, despite me delaying sending in the letter in the first place, and using techniques where I learnt rather than just receiving an amended document.

The final letter is a vast improvement over the original, which is due to Carol's experience and insight."

Nigel West
Operations Support (Software) Limited


Tips Guide / Booklet

A tips guide / booklet or report... sometimes known as a whitepaper or case study - is an extremely effective way of generating warm leads for your business. 

When someone asks for a copy of your guide they are effectively raising their hand to say "Yes, I'm interested in what you have to offer."

A guide is also a great handout at business meetings... it is less likely to be discarded after the meeting because of the valuable tips and information it contains.

The content is developed from the material you supply.

Something You Should Know...

It doesn't matter how persuasive your letter is; how jaw-droppingly good your offer is, as I said before I can promise you it will generate a disappointingly dismal response if you send it to the wrong people.

Having a specifically targeted audience is crucial to the success of any marketing activity.

What a well-written letter does is up-the-odds of ethically persuading your prospects to snap up your offer.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

So, as I said earlier no-one can guarantee results for your sales letter because they are unfamiliar with the quality of the contacts on your database or list- anyone who says they can is misleading you.

Added to that... when your letter goes out it is unlikely you know what is happening in your prospect's life - it may be a bad time for him or your offer could arrive with perfect timing, you just don't know. 

Having the right offer, targeting a specific audience that is known to have an interest in what you deliver and - of course - sending a highly compelling and persuasive letter does stack the odds in your favour.
But, if you are at all familiar with my book or articles or my copywriting blog, you know I advocate making it extremely easy for your prospect to decide to go for your offer by taking away as much of the buying risk as possible. 

So really, you expect some sort of guarantee from me, don't you?

And so you should!

My Promise To You...

I will always meet the agreed delivery deadlines. And, if you follow my advice and send your letter to a quality, targeted list and the service you choose does not generate at least enough sales to cover your investment with me, then I will do one revision of your letter (or another Bentley Makeover of your new sales letter) completely free of charge.

And I will apply the same professional attention to the rewrite (or further review) as I did to the original work.

That's fair, isn't it?

Send your enquiry using the form below and my PA will contact you to arrange a FREE, no-obligation telephone consultation to discuss your project... asking makes no commitment on either side but the sooner you engage my services, the sooner you reap the benefits of increased sales.

(I have to ask you to type in the graphic you see at the bottom to avoid spammers / hackers and so I can be sure I'm getting messages from real people, thanks for understanding)

Simply start your no obligation conversation with me now. 

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Kind regards

Carol Bentley

P.S.   If you're going to survive - and thrive - through this recession then astute, targeted, direct response marketing is the wise business choice to make.

However, not having a professionally written sales letter could decimate your chances of success.

Take advantage of all the insider techniques, tricks of the trade, proven marketing tactics and my extensive copywriting experience to gain the edge over your competitors. Read how in this letter.



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